SESSION 1 | January 12, 2010


This blog will be used for updates on class assignments, explanations, notes and deadlines. New session outline will be posted the morning of class, and updated with notes from the session added by the morning following class.  Note: the Tabs under the blog header have additional information.


  • Winter 2010 Video (link)
  • Student information sheet
  • Review of syllabus
  • Introductions (Interesting and I look forward to hearing more.)
  • Beginning exploration into the InDesign interface


  1. Buy books/supplies. Note: bookstore stocks book for QuarkXpress7.
  2. Fill in Type Personality worksheet. Fill in the form with fonts you like. For Body copy fonts pay special attention to choose only fornt with true styles (bold, italics etc.) The Bring this completed form with you to class next week. This is the first hand in assignment worth a possible 8pts.
  3. Explore. Open up each program and get familiar with the at the interface/tools/control pallets of  InDesign CS4 and Quark 8
  4. Reading. InDesign: Chapters 1-2 Getting Started, Document Setup. Quark: Chapters 1-2 Learn QuarkXpress in 30 minutes, QuarkXpress Basics

About Andrea

Graphic designer and artist specializing in visual storytelling. I love to mix visuals and text to create pieces that inspire, educate and inform.

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