SESSION 2 | January 19, 2010


Interface of InDesign CS4 Identified  “universal” features that appear  throughout the program in different panels and windows

  • Small triangles in tools, panels or lists: click to reveal more information in a fly-out menu
  • Trashcan at the bottom of panels to delete elements in the panels
  • Panel Menu Icon (three lines in the upper right of panels)  reveals list of options specific to that panel
  • View options and screen modes”  icons in application bar
  • Clicking the Icon in front of a measurement field highlights the field, and allows use of up and down arrows to increase/decrease  number
  • Opening, collapsing, docking, and tearing off panels
  • Workspaces and resetting workspaces to defaults

Identified ways the InDesign gives “feedback” to user

  • Color of frame edges relate to the color of the layer they reside on
  • Master page items have “dotted” frame edges,  indicating  they are on  a master page, and  not modifiable on the document page unless you make them active by “shift + command + clicking” on the  item
  • Color of Hidden Characters/frame edge/master page dots is the same as their layer
  • If more than one  family/style of copy is highlighted those fields will appear blank in the control panel
  • Changes/modifdifications will only happen to active or selected items
  • Showing/hiding Hidden Characters (non-printing text characters like ¶  indicating a hard-paragraph-return and #  indicating the end of the text.)
  • Showing/hiding, creating/selecting and deleting Guides
  • (  ) Parentheses around leading indicates auto leading (120% by default)
  • [  ] brackets mean fonts/styles are missing on the computer. On page will display with a pink hylight behind missing fonts
  • [  ] brackets can also mean default settings or things that cannot be changed. eg: [Basic Paragraph] style

Typestyle worksheet for body, head and personality typefaces

Text Sets worksheet

OpenType Font Exploration (Bickingham Script Pro alternates-Your Name Here)

Type Gauge – bring to every class. Used gauge to size text/leading

Important keyboard shortcuts to know:

  • Command +z =  Undo last  change
  • Command + s = Save File
  • Command + c = copy
  • Command + v = paste
  • Command + x = cut
  • Command + a = Select All
  • Command + 1 = 100%
  • Command + 2 = 200%
  • Command + 5 = 50%
  • Command + 0 = Fit in window view
  • Option + Command + 0 = Fit in window view and center page/spread


  1. Adobe OpenType Video Click on link to watch short video
  2. Finish sample.indd file pages 1-3 which were started in class. Click on samples above if you need a reminder. For Body copy fonts pay special attention to choose only fonts with true styles (bold, italics etc.) Bring this completed form with you to class next week 8pts.
  3. Bring in samples of business cards, letter head, envelopes that you think are. designed well
  4. Reading: InDesign: Chapter 3-Basic Text, Chapter 16-Typography. Quark: Chapter 5-Working with Text, Chapter 6-Typography.


Call-for-Entries submitting deadline: Monday JAN 25. Looking for: Graphic Design- Illustration- Digital Photography- Web design.  The winner receives a Dell Color laser printer.  Call-for-entry forms and contest rules are posted  on the CNM-120 door.


About Andrea

Graphic designer and artist specializing in visual storytelling. I love to mix visuals and text to create pieces that inspire, educate and inform.

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