SESSION 3 | January 26, 2010


Creative Process: Brainstorming/Research/Reference/Design Considerations/Thumbnails/Digital designs/Refinements/Final piece. Remember: the most important tool you have is your ability to think.

Brand Identity Design Considerations: ideas covered in Presentation

  • Simplify logo: strong and graphic vs. intricate and overly detailed (eg. Target, Nike, Apple) Must work well in B/W and small.
  • Legibility: easily read
  • Spacing: leave space around the logo and edges of format.
  • Proportion: each piece has a different format (aspect ratio), so size relationship of elements will likely be different.
  • Info to include: each piece has a different function and necessary info changes. Mandatory for envelope = return address — depending on the company/organization an address  may not be necessary on a business card. Mandatory for business card is contact information: person’s name, title, phone, e-mail, website. Letterhead: you may include the contact person’s name/title, but it is not essential. Again, consider the use, who will be using this letterhead and for what purpose. Since this is a business you may want to include a marketing/tagline that helps to position the restaurant.
  • Color: consider the emotion connotations of colors used. (research color associations)
  • Focal Point: body font style should be different from logo to keep the logo the focal point and not to “dilute” the importance of the brand.
  • Hierarchy: visual indications of what is most important, second, third etc.
  • Placement: chunk or group similar types of  information together. Do not to scatter information all around the format. Avoid sticking info into each corner.
  • USPS OCR regulations: US Postal Service has regulations regarding the addressing of envelopes, postcards, packaging for automation with optical character readers to unsure It is mailable without additional charges. Regulations vary depending on the type of mail (first class letter, presorted, bulk rate, etc.) Graphic below is forFirst class (stamped) business size envelope.

USPS-OCR Read Area Template

USPS-OCR Read Area Template

The Daily Grind Café and Restaurant Toulouse  stationary packages. First you will be designing an identity and stationary systems for 2 restaurants with very different clientele and trying to reach different audiences with the design. Later you will design direct mail promotions and ads for these same restaurants.

Daily Grind Cafe

Daily Grind Cafe supplied files for use with logo supplied files for use with logo

The Daily Grind Café is a locally owned and operated cafe. It is a cozy, homey and friendly restaurant. Fast made-to-order food.  Good food at affordable prices. Provides classic American cuisine. Breakfast and lunch only. Coffee always fresh and hot. SPECS: must be completed in Quark Xpress 2 PMS colors (Pantone Solod matte Brown=PMS 140M), envelope must follow USPS postal regulations, no bleeds allowed envelope. The Icons above can be incorporated with text to make a logo. Information to be included: The Daily Grind Cafe | Dave Smith, Owner/Chef | 8712 Portage Rd | Portage, MI 49002 p: (269) 492-7757 | e-mail | web:

Restaurant Toulouse

Restaurant Toulouse

Restaurant Toulouse is a classically charming French Restaurant with its warm French provincial ambiance and courteous staff. Enjoy a gourmet chef’s many talents in a quiet getaway with a relaxing & inviting surrounding. Two private dining rooms and a cozy bar play on woody bistro motifs. In warm weather, guests gather at one of a dozen tables in a lovely garden. The menu of updated French country classics includes cassoulet, roast duck with fresh strawberry sauce and a saddle of veal with morel mushrooms. Desserts include ice cream-filled profiteroles and excellent cheesecake tinged with raspberries. The are trying to appeal to a younger (25-35), sophisticated clientele. Expensive. SPECS: must be completed in InDesign 2 PMS colors (Pantone solid matte), envelope must follow USPS postal regulations, envelope may bleed. Information to be included: Restaurant Toulouse | Michelle Dugall, General Manager | 246 Culver Street, Saugatuck, MI 49453 | p: 269.857.1561 | e: | w:


  1. Finish research and thumbnails. Fill in creative brief responses in the left column. Complete 6 sets of thumbnails per restaurant.
  2. Open both programs and get familiar with the interface. Make text frames, boxes, move, stylize text (change sizes/fonts/etc.) let cursor hover over all icons and get familiae with what they are. Look st the templates that come with the program… from the welcome screen clock on “new file from template” search the folders and look at a few of the designs and see how they Are made. 
  3. Reading InDesign: Chapters 5-Working in Color. Chapter 17-Color Management. Quark: Chapter 14-Color

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