SESSION 4 | February 2, 2010


  • 1:30-2:20pm: Share Thumbnails
  • 2:30-4:20pm: Intro Quark Stationary Design
  • 4:30-5:05pm: Color PowerPoint/Discussion/File Management

Critique: thumbnail sketches for both restaurants and specifically address how well the design fits with the creative brief info.

Stationary: We “roughed-in” the Daily Grind Cafe Quark file. Discussed the concept of putting emphasis on specific elements within copy to draw attention. Ways to create emphasis include: size, color, weight, spacing around element, placement, etc.  Imported the graphic and used both the positive and negative of the icons supplied — learned about the frame being one aspect of the graphic (the container), and the contents within being the other. Each can be sized independently, or scaled together by holding down the shift+Option+command keys while grabbing a corner and dragging. First Line indent (in Tabs, split triangle on left of tabs ruler), grab top triangle and pull to the left, Indent-to-Here character = command+| (straight line, key above return) Alignment: using the directional forces to align elements off of the logo. Keeping copy at least .125″ from BC edges  (.1245″ = 1/8 of an inch, 3/16ths is better = 0.1875″)  Bleed reminder: specs on Daily Grind BC and letterhead can bleed, no bleed on envelope.

Color: Read last weeks homework chapters. Slideshow about issues with color: Monitor color (RGB) vs Printing color (CMYK or Spot), Color Spaces and the idea of Gamut. Not all colors are able to be produces in all color spaces. Colors not available in a specific color space are out-of-gamut, color varies based on monitors, systems, printers, paper, what colors surround it.

Videos: RGB vs CMYK CMYK vs Spot Colors Business card with Bleed Kuler

It Is my expectation that you understand the concepts in italic above. If not, write them down and ask me in the beginning of class when I ask for questions. (Please do not be embarrassed, if you were paying attention and missed it, surely someone else did as well.)

File Management: a folder with file structure was created. The structure looks like this:

Your_Name (folder)

  • yname-osample.indd (file)
  • yname-1Toulouse.indd (file)
  • yname-1DailyGrind.qrk (file)
  • Links-Pictures (folder)
    • (file)
  • Source-Files (folder)

It is very important for files to stay in this folder and in this order. You will be working on the sample file again so do not remove or rename it. Naminc convention for all page layout files: yname-NumberFile.ext It is important for the programs to have the correct extensions. InDesign=.indd, Quark=.qxd,, Photoshop=PSD, Acrobat=.pdf

The Links-Pictures folder is where you put ALL links (graphics/photos/illustrations) used in the Page Layout files Iit should contain the file. The Source-Files folder is your personal working-area and a place for you to store any bits and pieces.


  1. Finish finessing Daily Grind in Quark. Write Overview (state the problem, explain assignment and audience) and Solution/Design Analysis statements (explain what you did to solve the problem (use the principles of design: focal point/emphasis, unity/variety, repetition/rhythm, alignment, balance, color, shape etc.
  2. Design Restaurant Toulouse stationary package in InDesign, and fill Overview/Design Analysis (see above)
  3. Reading: InDesign: Chapter 4, 6-7. Quark: Chapter 3 (look under Chapter tab above see what is being covered. Checkout online tutorials)

Reminder of class obligations: outside classwork 6+ hours.


Critique, self assessment, printing, setting up business card for single card with bleed, 8-up with bleed, 10 up without bleed. New assignments: Valentines Promotional Ads for these 2 restaurants.


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Graphic designer and artist specializing in visual storytelling. I love to mix visuals and text to create pieces that inspire, educate and inform.

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