SESSION 6 | February 16, 2010


E-mail me with any files you would like critqued before next Tuesday.
I will get comments
back to you via e-mail ASAP.


  • 1:30-2:20pm: Four ads: added slugs, on-screen proofing (looked for errors), row-critique
  • 2:30-4:20pm: Created a library containing: GRD202 logo, slug & design analysis copy blocks. Intro to folds: Rack card, Tri-fold, Quad-fold,
  • 4:30-5:05pm: Introduction to threaded text, linking text frames, paragraph style sheets.

Concept to Consider

Design is evaluated against the objectives/problem they need to address/solve. At the beginning of class a sideshow was playing that showed stationary designs. Three designs were looked at and discussed against their stated objective (click on graphics below to enlarge/read. OPTIONAL: In my workarea folder, within the Presentation folder are the 2 PDF presentations that were shown/discussed. Feel free to download and look at them.

Valentines Day Fractional Ads

  • Created a  Library file and moved elements into it
  • Add 1″ slug below ad. Include, file name, insertion publication, size, designer name phone,
  • 1/4 page vertical ads should have the correct colors (cmyk only)
  • 1/8 page horizontal ads should have the correct colors (black/white only)
  • Check color space, delete unused colors, add unnamed colors
  • Focal point  and Hierarchy: help reader  know what is most important
  • Consistent with brand identity/style throughout

Introductions to Rack Cards and Folded Brochures

  • Looked at different types of folds  PS Print folds/Templates
  • Concept of linking text boxes, threaded text (InDesign exercise)
  • Style sheet for consistency / hierarchy (head, subhead, body, small)


  • It is important to pay attention and work on the class projects/exercises in-class. It was very disappointing to see the variety of non-class-related projects/facebook/email on student monitors when I walked to the back of the room to help a student. It is a waste of your time and money if you are not working in-class. If you are completely caught-up and the class is moving too slow for you, please see me/e-mail me and I will give you more advanced projects.
  • Looking within the Class Workarea folder most of you have missing/incomplete files.  To-date your folder should contain:
  1. name-0sample.indd
  2. name-0library.indd
  3. name-1RT-stationary.indd
  4. name-1DG-stationary.qxd
  5. name-2RT-cmyk-ad.indd
  6. name-2RT-bw-ad.indd
  7. name-2DG-cmyk-ad.qxd
  8. name-2DG-bw-ad.qxd
  9. links folder (only for linked graphics used)
  10. source folder (anything else you have, working documents, photos,etc)

Please do not put each project into a separate folder – this makes it harder to see at a glance what is missing.

  • This class is both technical and design/aesthetic in orientation. The next few projects/exercises are more technical dealing with style sheets (i.e., character, paragraph, object), linking text frames, placing and anchoring graphics, multi-page layouts. The last 2 assignments Newsletter, and magazine are the place for you to pull it all together and show some good design and your aesthetic. For the 8-page newsletter I will supply enough copy and photos to complete an 8 page gardening newsletter. If you would prefer to do a newsletter on another topic you must obtain all the content and photos. Let me know in advance if you choose to do that. Also begin to consider what you want to do for the magazine, you will need to develop the concept, content and obtain/create all graphic elements (legally).


  1. Complete Stationary and Ads (Design considerations: what is the emotional effect of the ad, focal point, hierarchy, consistency, unity/variety, alignment and use of negative space)
  2. Watch these short videos: Making a Paragraph Style and  Paragraph/Character/Object Styles
  3. Tutorial: InDesign Style Sheets
  4. TEST NEXT CLASS: the test will cover concepts covered in class, the reading and program interfaces (panels, menus etc.)
  5. Reading: InDesign: Chapter 10, 12, 15. Quark: Chapter 7
    (look under Chapter tab above see what is being covered. Checkout online tutorials)


  • Chapter Style sheet exercise
  • Rack card 4″W x 9″H exercise
  • Tri-Fold 11″W x 8.5″H exercise
  • Quad Gate Fold 14″W x 8.5″H exercise
  • Design considerations: linking text boxes, style sheets, focal point, hierarchy, consistency, unity/variety, alignment and use of negative space

About Andrea

Graphic designer and artist specializing in visual storytelling. I love to mix visuals and text to create pieces that inspire, educate and inform.

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