SESSION 9 | March 16, 2010


Demos and hands on how-tos with panels, libraries:

Swatches Panel

  • create tint swatches
  • create mixed ink swatches
  • Edit existing swatches
  • deleating / replacing swatches
  • loading swatches from another document
  • coping elements from another document and getting the associated swatches

Object styles

  • similarity to paragraph and character styles
  • control the appearance and effects applied to objects (fills, strokes, text inset, drop shadows etc.
  • creating and naming object styles
  • object style overrides (+) and redefinign object style
  • using eyedropper tool to copy and apply object styling


  • useful place to stick bits of copy, graphics to be used over and over
  • to create new library: from File menu > New > Library… (name It and direct the folder whaere it will be saved)
  • to open an exsisting library: from File Menu >  Open > use dialogue box to locate existing library
  • to store an item in a library open library window and click and slide element)s) into the library
  • double click the library element to open a window which allows you to name it

Inserting a textbox into a column of text

  • benefit: if copy is edited the inserted box will travel with the associated copy
  • text inset to create a sidebar, or text box where the text is set inside or away from the edge
  • text insets can have different insets on each side (top, bottom, left and right)


  1. LOOK AT FILE STRUCTURE: Copy the “sample-library.indl” and “sample-terms.indd” files from the GRD202 Workarea folder. Open and look at notes contained in files. Do the excercises on the notes. Bring completed file back to class with you next week.
  2. Newsletter/Magazine research. Find samples of Newsletters and Magazines for inspiration. Bring to class (up to 8 Assignment Points can be earned for this based on quantity and quality of samples)
  3. Gather “assets” (graphics, photos, stories, text etc.)  for the final project: a magazine of your own design. The magazine will consist of 8-pages. You do not need to have actual stories, but you will need to write the headlines, lede, by lines etc. We are going to try to make this as “real” as possible. The important thing is to give real thought to the concept: what kind of magazine? Who will read it? Is it a special interest publication? Trade publication? Lifestyle? Regional, national, international? Below is the breakdown of the pages you will design:
    1. Cover: should contain cover blurbs that relate to feature story
    2. Left page: Representative ad on inside front cover (you create the ad)
    3. Right page: Contents page
    4. Left page: FOB page (FOB stands for front of book and is made up 3-5 short articles per page)
    5. Right page:FOB page
    6. Left page: Feature opening spread
    7. Right page:Feature opening spread
    8. Back page: jump of the feature story
  4. Reading
  • InDesign CS4: Chapters 14, 19
  • Quark: Chapter 15


Center for New Media’s first Art Slam !

Friday March 26, 5:30- 8:30pm
An art event for all CNM students.
Challenges – Prizes – Speakers – Free Food.
New Media Challenge – $250 Prize

  • Pick your team (min 2 students per team, no maximum, currently enrolled CNM students only)
  • Register your team with Maggie Noteboom at: before March 23. (email the team member names and their emails)
  • Create your artistic masterpiece in ‘any’ art medium, or a mix of different mediums on a specific ‘secret’ topic
  • Topic will be announced to all the teams at the same time, Thursday March 25th, 8 AM via email
  • CNM computer lab will be open for your use on Friday to 7PM
  • All work must be original and created only during the contest period of March 25th 8 am, to
  • March 26th 7pm. Work created prior to the contest period can not be used.
  • Team must sign an entry form stating their work meets these requirements and turn it in with their work (available in The Cube Office, CNM-120)
  • Teams will present their work to judges and attendees March 26th at 7 pm. Be prepared to tell the judges and audience what they have done, why and how it explains the topic
  • Winning team will be announced after all presentations are made
  • Prize money $250.00 awarded to one winning team. Team members will share the prize
  • On Site Portraiture Contest – $50 Prize
  • During the Art Slam (March 26, 5:30- 7:30pm) individuals create a portrait/caricature of another person in attendance
  • Entries may be done in illustration, drawing, paint, pencil and a min of 8”x10” (Sorry, no photography for this contest, but will be included in next Art Slam)
  • Finished work must be ready for presentation and hung on the lower level display wall by 7:30pm
  • Three students will be selected as judges
  • One winner will be selected for the best likeness to the person portrayed, 7:30- 8:00pm
  • Prize money $50.00 awarded to one individual winner
  • Open Mic – BYO Art— An open forum to bring in your art work and share it with other students, any medium (Paintings,music, writing, drawing, video, illustration, etc). Get their feedback, ideas, encouragement and maybeeven some criticism.
  • The studio in Room 150 will be open from 6:00pm to 8:00 pm for you to use. Everyone is welcome.
  • Guest Speaker – Jason Nuzzo. Actor, writer, art critique and new media aficionado Jason Nuzzo, will share his secrets on success and
  • finding work.
  • Join us at 8 pm in room CNM -075
  • Food, Yes it is free, and good too. Pizzas, subs, drinks, snacks all evening!


We have 20-30 USB drives (flash drives/thumb drives) that have been lost by students and turned in to the CNM computer lab. See Lisa Blewett, Computer Support Technician, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Center for New Media, 269.373.7932


About Andrea

Graphic designer and artist specializing in visual storytelling. I love to mix visuals and text to create pieces that inspire, educate and inform.

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