SESSION 14 | April 20, 2010


Newsletter comments are posted to your workarea folder…. see the notes on the yelow callouts (note: they Are non printable so if you click onpreview mode they will disappear, soe you can click in and out of preview mode to see what i was referring to. Everyone should have received a PDF of their grading sheet from me in your KVCC e-mail. If you did not recieve it let me know by e-mail and I will resend.

Opportunity Knocking

Hi – I was hoping that you all would encourage your students to submit their final projects to the ANM Magazine – which I will be working on throughout the summer.  I know that end of semester timing is not on my side when it comes to introducing MORE WORK for students!  If any of you have a chance to mention the magazine to the classes, or would like for me to come in and give a really quick rundown of how super sweet its going to be, I would be more than happy to do that. Thanks again!

Melissa Al-Azzawi


Re-Preflight and Package Garden Newsletters, load packaged file to server: Fonts and photos are necessary for grading purposes. This was to be a digital document so no color conversion was necessary. Keep in RGB color space.

Magazine Row Review: Designs were shared with row partners. Specifically design criteria was to be looked at. Visually is it working? is there a focal point? Where does the eye go? Do the design decisions make sense? Do the choice of fonts add to, or detract

While assisting with design issues today here are some issues I saw popping up:

  • Grids/Margins: many people are not using a grid or margins to their advantage. You if you place a text box visually and it is not aligning to the grid, go back and change the grid to work with your new design. The purpose of the grid/margins is to give a structure to the page/magazine, if you change it for every page, you will not have the structure. The outside margins, and page numbers placement should not change– they should be established on master-pages and be in the same place on every page. There is more flexibility with the number of columns on a page, on one spread it may be 3 columns of equal width, on another it may be 2 wide one small, but the outside page margins should not change.
  • Colors: When done designing make sure all swatches are CMYK (process 4 color, not spot or RGB). Make sure to delete unused swatches (under Swatches Panel Options) and then Add Unnamed colors (also under Panel Options) make sure the added colors are CMYK.
  • Graphics: Must be CMYK and at an effective resolution of 300PPI. Effective resolution means after you have placed the page on the page and scaled it up or down how many pixels per inch are in the image. Within the links panel you may need to turn on some columns to see all the necessary information at a glance. What you checked are:
    • Status: shows if a graphics link is  broken
    • Page: shows page image exists on)
    • Scale: shows percentage of width to height ratio. If you see a range of numbers, eg.  222 x 234, it means that the image has been stretched, and is not scaled in a one-to-one ratio (1:1). With a portrait a person would look either fat, or skinny depending on the percentages of height to width. Ideally you want the height and width to be exactly the same.
    • Color Space: will show RGB or CMYK color mode
    • Effective PPI: should be 300 or above. You can go down to 240 but it is not advisable to go below that.

Any graphics that are not of a high enopugh resolution (above 300PPI) should be labeled with a “For Position Only Lable  (FPO) and the label should be obvious.(lets discuss how we could create this…(non-printing or on a layer with notes. )


Finish your magazine. Bring finished magazine, thumbnails, research  and all graphics to class. Be ready to proof, preflight, and print and package.

Last Class

  • Add Design Analysis (place on pasteboard to the left of cover, and project slug  from library folder
  • Share magazines (on screen critique)
  • Proof magazines (make any last changes)
  • Pre-flight/Package
  • Print as Booklet
  • Upload to class folder
  • Clean folders out (consolidate Restaurant Toulouse and Daily grind files) into one each
  • Lets look back at the sample files and library file… lets add some things to them…
  • Test

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Graphic designer and artist specializing in visual storytelling. I love to mix visuals and text to create pieces that inspire, educate and inform.

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