Assignment Schedule

Session 01 | 1/12/10

Information Form. Syllabus. Overview. Introductions. Discussion of basic page layout terms/concepts, and the creative process.
Homework Buy books and supplies. Check out class blog: Fill in Typography Personality sheet (8pts).
Read InDesign: Chapters 1-2, 21
Quark: Chapters 1-2

Session 02 | 1/19/10

Type Personality sheet critique (8pts). New Topic: InDesign and Quark interface/palettes/panels/help. Using Type Personality sheet complete  3 pages of the sample file.
Homework Check blog. Find Stationary samples and fill In page 4 of sample file.
Read InDesign: Chapters 3, 16
Quark: Chapters 5-6

Session 03 | 1/26/10

Stationary samples review. Topics: Intro to stationary systems, appropriateness in design, audience, design briefs/thumbnails and color spaces/management. New Project: set up files for letterhead, envelope and business card designs for Daily Grind Cafe (2C, QXD) and Restaurant Toulouse (4C, ID).
Homework Check blog. Finish thumbnails before design of stationary for both restaurants. There should be two sets of designs finished for next class. Postcard samples.

Read InDesign: Chapters 5, 17
Quark: Chapter 14

Session 04 | 2/2/10

Restaurant stationary critique. Topics: bleeds, creating new files, transferring between files, fills, strokes, effects,Brand awareness, and USPS Postal Requirements.
Homework Check blog. Finish Postcard Designs in both ID/QRK.
Read InDesign: Chapter 4, 6-7
Quark: Chapter 3

Session 05 | 2/9/10

Emphasis/Offer/Fractional Ads
Postcard critique. Topics: emphasis, magazine and newspaper ads, Media Kits, layers for variable type. New Project: fractional ads for a Valentine promotion for inclusion in Kalamazoo Women’s Lifestyle Magazine (newsprint tabloid, B/W and CMYK, ID/QRK).
Homework Check blog. Review for test.
Read InDesign: Chapter 11
Quark: Chapter

Session 06 | 2/16/10

Text Flow/Preflight/Brochures
Fractional Ad critique. Topics: text flow, style sheets, character, paragraph and object styles, libraries/snippets, preflighting and packaging files. Discussions and samples of Tri-fold Designs. Discussions and review of sample of Tri-folds. Tri-fold background: layout parameters, tuck panel, bleed, when to text flow, when to use stand alone text files.
Homework Check class blog. Find samples of booklets bring in next class. Work in style sheet creating, looking at

Read InDesign: Chapter 10, 12, 15

Quark: Chapter 7

Session 07 | 2/23/10

Test/Style Sheets/16-page Booklet
Brochures critique. Automatic Pagination, Master pages, advanced style sheets. New assignment: booklet 16-page 5.5″ x 8.5″, attention to typography and style sheets
Homework refine layout of booklet.
Be ready to work with graphics next class.
Read InDesign: Chapter 14, 19
Quark: Chapter 4

Session 08 | 3/2/10

Booklet critique. Add Graphics. Discussion of the power of style sheets. Inline and Anchored Objects. Digg This! Discussion of multipage documents with multiple stories. Small Booklet handout. Print to Booklet.
Homework Check blog. Finish refining booklet. Have ready for turn-in next class. Find newsletter samples and bring in.
Read InDesign: Chapters 8-9
Quark: Chapter 10-11

Session 09 | 3/16/10

Structure/8-pg Newsletter
Booklet critique.  Turn in booklet for grading. Critique of homework – booklet with style sheets. Discussion and samples of newsletters. Befin newsletter design.
Homework Check blog. Continue newsletter design. 8-page newsletter, research/brainstorm
Read InDesign: Chapters 14, 19
Quark: Chapter 15

Session 10 | 3/23/10

Work Session//8-pg Newsletter
Newsletter critique. Work on refinements. Discussion of PDf and output.
Homework Check blog. Finish newsletter design. Bring In samples of magazines
Read InDesign: Chapter 20
Quark: Chapter 16

Session 11 | 3/30/10

Final Work//8-pg Newsletter
Newsletter critique. Discussions/samples of magazine layouts, audience, genres. Turn in Magazine. Cookie Recipe sheet session 15.
Homework Check blog. Finish refining newsletter. Have ready for turn-in next class. Find magazine Samples and assets needed for  your final project.
Read No reading assignment

Session 12 | 4/6/10

Magazine sample critique. Thumbnail and discussion of elements of magazines and flow. Discussion to cover the differences between newspapers, newsletters, brochures, in typography and graphic elements.
Homework Check blog. Begin layout of final project: Book /magazine.
Read No reading assignment

Session 13 | 4/13/10

Work Session/Magazine (8-pg)
Magazine critique. Magazine layout. Discussions good design and typography.
Homework Check blog. Continue your magazine layout. Finish all layouts and have them ready for turning in. Review chapters for terminology test. Bring in recipe card of dish to make for last class. Prepare for test.
Read No reading assignment

Session 14 | 4/20/10

Test/Final Work/Magazine (8-pg)
Test. Magazine critique. Make final refinements based on feedback. Group project – design and create a recipe booklet. Discussions and samples of recipe cards. Discussion of page imposition. Printout and turn in Magazine.
Homework Check blog. Finish your recipe design. Make a your cookie recipe to share.
Read No reading assignment

Session 15  | 4/27/10

Potluck/ Croup Recipe Book
Get project grades returned/ time for feedback. Cookie Potluck. Finish Group Project: Recipe Booklet.
Homework Keep reading, learning, and let me know how you end up using what you have learned.